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Life and Times of a Working Cowgirl

“Once In A Blue Moon” Came Twice This Year


It seems somehow fitting that Aug 31 was the second Blue Moon of the year. Blue moons only happen every few years and two blue moons in the same year only happens every few decades. Since this year has been filled with rare and wonderful occurrences it seemed appropriate that we spent the second blue moon of the year at the Santa Fe Opera attending a Lyle Lovett concert for the second time this year. The evening was perfect, the weather was sublime, our seats were spectacular and Lyle and his Large Band filled the opera house with music and laughter for two and a half amazing hours. It truly was a evening that only happens once in a Blue Moon.

I rose early the next morning and headed to the barn just in time to watch the moon set over the mountains. I stopped on my way down and just admired the early morning light and the setting of the last blue moon I’ll see for a few more years. Mornings are always quiet on the ranch, everything begins with a slow stir at first light and it takes a while before life really gets going. I was quietly humming “The Lights of LA County” as I made my way to the barn where the horses had all quietly begun stirring. They greeted me with gentle nickers and sleepy eyes, which brighten as they realized breakfast would be early. I finished my chores and slipped back into bed while the rest of the house still slept, another feat that only happens once in a Blue Moon.

A friend of mine sent me an invitation to apply to be a speaker at a TEDx event in Albuquerque this December. I was surprised and flattered that she thought of me. I don’t know much about TED talks but I do know the few I have seen are very inspiring and quite well done. My first inclination was to decline but after much thought and consideration I went with my standard answer, “what the hell”, what’s the harm in applying? The opportunity to add my voice to a chorus of thoughtful, successful, and inspiring women seems like such an honor. Jennifer (the friend who started this) thinks I should talk about turning dreams into reality. She thinks my story of jumping out of the corporate jet and into a saddle could provide some inspiration or at the very least some amusement to women wanting to change their paths. Maybe I’ll title my speech ” Once in a Blue Moon” or maybe “Ever notice – What the Hell – usually is the right answer”. Whatever I decide to call it I’m glad that I’ve learned to take the opportunities that come around only once in a Blue Moon.

As summer winds down and I have more time to write my mind keeps wandering back to “Have You Seen Charlie?”. I really enjoyed the process of writing and publishing my first novel. Charlie has sold/downloaded nearly a thousand copies since January and the reviews have been very positive. I find a great deal of joy knowing I’ve provided some entertainment and amusement to so many people I’ll never know.So maybe as the the cottonwoods turn gold and the days get a little shorter and cooler I’ll sit back down in my pink chair and write another novel. Writing two novels in one year is something I never thought I could or would do but this year seems special. Maybe I’ll make good on having two chances to do something “Once in a Blue Moon”.




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  1. Remember your roots are from the same soil that Mr Bill Monroe made infamous in; “Blue Moon of Kentucky” It will keep shining as long as you do the things you love. A bit of a paraphrase, but I am sure you get my drift.