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Life and Times of a Working Cowgirl

Que Milagra!

This morning started before sunrise and in a few minutes it will be tomorrow and I’m still at it. Such has been our lives for the past week. Last Wednesday we were blessed with a miracle in the form of a six week old foal. She appeared like an apparition in the mist of our herd. No mother, no father just a little speckled butt attached to some long legs and a very beat up face. It’s really hard to say how she ended up on the ranch or how long she had been fending for herself but it is safe to say she would not have been able to manage much longer. So every two to four hours one of us makes our way to the barn where she is living in the lap of luxury, warm and dry with a great playlist on the iPod. This trek will be repeated for the next four to six months without fail, relief or interruption until she is old enough to fend for herself.

As I sit under the portal with a bright moon providing my light and Jupiter shining like a lighthouse on a distant shore I can’t help but wonder, am I the luckiest person in the entire world or am I just to so willing to follow my dream I’m fooled into believing all this hard work is actually good fortune? Whichever, I know I wouldn’t trade these experiences no matter how challenging for anything. Well, it’s officially tomorrow and Livi and I have a big day planned riding through the aspen. So for all of you working in offices and living in the city look out at the stars tonight, try to find Jupiter and know I’ll be looking at her too.

So that was last week and I’m still sleep deprived and far, far too busy but Milagra (Mila for short) is doing well. Livi and I did go for an amazing ride through the aspen. After spending a very frustrating morning trying to re-catch her mustang, Jasper. He decided to take a tour of the bosque and with several hundred acres to roam it took us quite a while to corral him back to the barn. I’m sure after we rode to the top of the mountain he was wishing he hadn’t wasted so much energy running away from us. Barney took care of Mila while we were gone so it was my turn again for the middle of the night feedings. I’m seeing a lot of the night sky these days.

Yesterday we managed to get four horses out for one of our favorite long rides. Ten miles one way from the ranch to the El Parasol in Pojoaque for a burrito. The ride is so long and there is so much for the horses to experience it is a perfect training ride. We took two of our stalwarts and two of our newest herd members and spent most of the day riding two and ponying two. The weather was perfect and we had the eight miles of river bed all to ourselves. It still amazes me that on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon we are the only ones out taking advantage of amazing New Mexico open spaces. I do have to admit I’m grateful more people aren’t out because it is so peaceful and wonderful to have so much space all to ourselves. After a long day in the saddle I was so ready for a good night sleep but alas between Mila and Smokie who’s dementia is worsening, I again spent a fair amount of the night staring at the night sky. We had a harvest moon last night which provided enough light to read by and thanks to the app on my iPhone I can now pick out all the planets accurately. So today I will finish my chores and take a much needed nap, knowing that tonight may again be spent under the stars instead of under the covers but it’s not a complaint just the reality of life on a ranch where miracles happen in the form of foals and old dogs.


  1. Just today I was talking to my freshmen about how humans are created in God’s image… and we were speculating about what it is that is a reflection of God. I think you’ve just nailed it–the urge we have to work hard & long for the things that matter, and the ability to find delight in doing so! Foals, old dogs, teenagers, obstreperous mustangs and such… they’re worth it!

    Keep the pictures & stories coming, and catch a few winks when you can!

  2. Thanks Molly,
    I don’t often consider what I do as God’s work but what a beautiful thought. I’ll keep you posted on all the creatures great and small.