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Life and Times of a Working Cowgirl

To Everything There is a Season…


The year is winding down and already next year is winding up. Normally this time of year is quiet and reflective for me. I complain about the lack of light and the cold and I sit by the fire with Smokie at my feet reading, writing and trying to stay warm. This year has been a bit different. We’ve had unseasonably warm and sunny days with a disturbing lack of moisture. This has made for excellent riding weather but raises huge concerns about drought conditions come spring. We have been busy with all the normal holiday parades and activities, gathering toys for tots and taking revelers on wagon rides. Unlike most years we aren’t preparing the horses for next season we are preparing them for new homes or a long sabbatical. Santa Fe Stables will be closed next year, which will come as a shock to some but I’m happy to say it is for a good, if not a great reason. Journey Europe, will be consuming my time, energy and spirit for the better part of next year.

Journey Europe?? Yes, Journey Europe is the name of the expedition Olivia and I are taking beginning mid February 2013. Expedition?? Yes, expedition, we will be riding horses from Newry, Northern Ireland to Rome Italy and that qualifies as an expedition. It will take us five months and we will ride over 1,700 miles. Why?? We are riding for causes, the first of which is “B” as in Be-cause, but more importantly we are riding to raise awareness to the plight of horses world wide. Plight of horses?? Yes, horses around the world are suffering from the results of collapsing economies and lack of regulation or controls on breeding. In short overpopulation and poor protections have created an environment that is unhealthy for the horses and unprofitable for humans. This combination is the recipe of neglect and abuse. Unfortunately this crisis is not only effecting domestic horses it is also having devastating affects on the few remaining wild horse populations world wide. Working with rescue groups across Europe we hope to establish a network of groups and individuals working together to promote sustainable practices for equines throughout Europe.

In civilizations around the globe there are statues erected that pay homage to horses. Poets, authors, songwriters and priests all use horses to inspire and evoke strong emotions in humans. There is a connection we, as humans share with horses that is unlike any other. At some point in our shared past it became evident to both horses and humans that our lives were better when shared. This relationship has stood the test of time and is so deeply forged into our consciousness that we equate horses with freedom, liberty, nobility and virility. Our relationship with horses goes so much deeper than work, transportation or sport; horses are not technology that can be upgraded or replaced with something newer, faster or better. They affect, us mind, body and soul like no other animal on the planet. With their help we are transformed from awkward and slow  to magnificent and swift by the simple act of  sitting upon their backs. This journey is to remind people of this longstanding relationship and our responsibility as humans to honor our commitment. I understand time marches on and old ways are replaced by new but that shouldn’t mean we turn our backs on the people and animals that have gotten us this far.

So Santa Fe Stables will be shuttered and the New Mexico Cowgirl blog will be forwarded to the Journey Europe blog. Hopefully everyone will continue to follow along and support me as you’ve always done in the past. There will be new things to write about and we’ll be adding video but I’ll also keep everyone up to date on the happenings at the ranch. Barney, Dad and Amelia will be minding the ranch so I’m sure there will be good stories from both sides of the pond. There will be a few more posts on New Mexico Cowgirl before Journey Europe begins but start looking for new posts coming from Journey Europe at Please visit our site to get the entire story of what we are doing and how and please share our exciting news with all your friends, the more support the better because, who better to speak to the world about horse than a couple of real American Cowgirls.