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Life and Times of a Working Cowgirl

Cowgirl Karen

The “Glamour life of a rancher” is what I usually mutter under my breath as I load my wheelbarrow with another shovel of horse….. well ya know. However according to my friends and clients my life as a working cowgirl is a source of constant inspiration, amusement, entertainment, envy and disdain. So with much prodding I began my newest endeavor “Cowgirl Blogger”. This is the view out my window on the world it is not meant to be a judgement, endorsement, or promotion of or for anything or anyone. Just a glimpse of life as it is framed in my world, between their ears.

Hello my name is Karen Hardy and I am the owner of Santa Fe Stables, mother of two beautiful daughters, wife to an amazingly supportive husband, author, teamster and caregiver to 20+ horses, and four dogs. I opened the Stables in the Spring of 2008 with one criteria. Th stables must be sustainable for both the horses and humans.  I would like to thank everyone for reading my silly little stories, I hope they brighten your day, if they do, pass them on to a friend.

Thanks again and happy trails


An update from Cowgirl Karen

Well, I have been a very busy cowgirl. Life on the ranch is good, the horses are all doing well and this spring I published my first novel! Who knew I was an aspiring author with jangling spurs and a panama hat? I wrote an amazing work of fiction (not because the writing is so amazing but because the fiction part is pretty amazing) that incorporates life on the ranch, the New Mexico landscape, my love of horses and dogs, and my very unique and often sassy style. If you have been lucky enough to ride with us you will recognize some of the settings and if you haven’t it should leave you aching to make a trip to New Mexico.

The book is called “Have You Seen Charlie?” by K. H. Brockwell and it is available online in E-book and paperback format at and in paperback at select independent books stores and Barnes and Nobles.

The e-book will cost you about the same as a cup of coffee and I guarantee it will last longer and contains fewer calories. So wether you’re dreaming of the west or just  want to refresh your vacation memories pick up a copy and enjoy the ride.