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Life and Times of a Working Cowgirl


My philosophy on horses is simple. Let a horse be a horse. Amazingly that goes against almost everything we are taught about horse care in the U.S.. For some reason, well for lot’s of reasons, we have become a society that believes in separating, controlling, and managing horses in a manner that goes against their very nature. We have allowed our fears, our schedules, and our convinces to dictate what is truly in the best interest of the horse. I could go on forever about the health issues both physical and mental this is causing the majority of horses in this country but I will refrain. What I will do is show people what horses are like in a more natural environment. All of the horses in the slide show are working horses, they are calm well-mannered trail horses. But when they are not working they are free to be horses, to run, to play and yes even to fight if they see fit. They are healthy strong and very, very much alive.